About Us

Lavender Hill was purchased by Jason and Trisha Delamore in November 2015. They had seen the property a few years earlier and it had always stayed in their minds as a unique opportunity to develop a working lifestyle block and a great experience for their children.

Lavender Hill was established by Tricia Henderson and her team in the early 2000s and the Delamore family now carry on the great work and vision that Tricia started.

There are many facets of Lavender Hill that guests can enjoy:

·         Fully self-contained half round barn style accommodation (4 bedroom, can sleep up to 8)

·         Conference facility ideal for off-site workshops or meetings (up to 12 people)

·         Working horticulture farm with includes:

o    Over 2000 lavender plants and a purpose built still for extracting lavender oil

o    Over 500 mature olive trees for the production of high quality olive oil

o    200 lemon trees

·         All aspects of the farm are managed in a sustainable way 

·         Small shop selling a range of hand made products from the farm

Lavender Hill can be hired for accommodation or events

The farm is also growing in popularity as a tourist activity. Tourists visit the farm during the lavender flowering season (Dec-Jan) and are welcome to visit during the Olive harvesting period (May-June). A small fee is payable to enjoy the farm.

The main house on the property is a 1970s Ian Burrows designed building. Jason and Trisha are looking forward to working on this and creating a stunning family home.

Over the next few years Jason and Trisha will look to build on the strong foundations of Lavender Hill - this will include an expansion of the lavender fields, adding some livestock for the benefit of tourists (and keeping the grass down) and may also provide some glamping options. Stay updated through the website and social media.